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Wanneroo Lacrosse Club

Latest Results:
Results 18th June

Senior Men:     State League      East Fremantle 12 def Wanneroo 10 (B Oppenheimer 2/4, L Smith 2, R Cubbage 2, S Fleet 1, G Allen 1, J Polkinghorne 1, J Gillespie 1, L Walker 0/1)      Div 2      Wanneroo 31 (C Mulcahy 8/5, B Jones 6/1, R Panton 6, D Hoyne 4, C Appell 3/2, N Miller 3/1, I Mellor 1)      Div 3      Subiaco 9 def Wanneroo Red 6 (K Frankee 2/1, S Danby 1, C Purser 1, J Lofgren 1, D Yates 1)      Wanneroo Blue 5 (G Mulcahy 2, J Rao 1/1, G Duffy 1/1, K Fenn 1) def Phoenix 4     
Junior Men:     17s      Wanneroo 15 (B Pretorius 5, J Mellor 3, T Barrett 2/1, J Pretorius 1/1, T Haynes 1/1, J Bates 1/1, T Burns 1, E Baird 1) def East Fremantle 6      15s      Wanneroo 21 (J Rodrigues 5/2, W Czynski 5/1, C Wainman 3, K Snowsill 2, C Reynolds 2, C Dowling 2, K Czynski 1, E Baird 1) def East Fremantle 2      13s      East Fremantle 16 def Wanneroo 13 (C Dowling 6, Z Schwagermann 2, M Munn 2, D Czynski 1, J Duckworth 1, D Sunderland 1, N Grey 0/1)     
Senior Women:         
Junior Women:         

Proudly sponsored by the City of Joondalup the Wanneroo Lacrosse Club is Based at Penistone Reserve in Greenwood, Perth Western Australia. Lacrosse is a winter sport and our season usually runs from April to September. We have teams for all ages and skill levels with Modcrosse for 5-13 years (combined boys and girls) and Lacrosse from 11-seniors (men's and women's). New members are always welcome.

Wanneroo Lacrosse Club would like to acknowledge the generous support we receive from the City of Jonndalup, ranging from grants to junior representative players to funding for on-going development. We also receive generous subsidies for our ground hire at Penistone. Wanneroo Lacrosse Club wishes to thank the City of their on-going support and looks forward to continuing a good relationship with the City.

2016 Registrations

Training for all grades has started and the first round for most teams will be the last week in April.
You can register for the 2016 season at training (Tuesday and Thursday nights) where EFTPOS (CHQ,SAV,Credit) will be avaliable.
If you have any questions about our club, please email info@wanneroolacrosse.

Alternative Club Electronic Communication Channels
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wanneroo-Lacrosse-Club/174192612647264#
TEAM APP - https://wanneroolacrosse.teamapp.com/



Wanneroo Lacrosse Club
Penistone Reserve Greenwood Western Australia
Email : info@wanneroolacrosse.com

Wanneroo players know the meaning of success, dedication is the way to strive for happiness, We're the mighty fighting chiefs we'll grind them to the ground, to the premiership we're bound.
Glory glory Wanneroo, Glory glory Wanneroo, Glory glory Wanneroo, To the premiership we're bound.